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Sport Facilities

Kalymnos is well known for its weather conditions with long sunny days, mild climate and natural beauty, in a combination with the modern sports facilities. Individuals who choose to combine their holidays with exercise, can have access to specially designed and well-equipped sports facilities. These features combined with the excellent climate, its natural beauty, rich history, culture and the legendary Greek hospitality, make Kalymnos an ideal destination for the preparation of individual athletes or organized clubs, seeking the opportunity to train in ideal natural conditions and in high-level athletic preparation centers. You will discover that the preparation and training in Kalymnos ensures will boost your athletic performance and will be an unforgettable experience.

On the island you will find the following facilities:

This is where Chrysostomia Iakovou, ex-holder of the 10.000 m Greek National Record and also an Olympian, trained as a junior athlete.

The main track and field facility is located in the main sports compound, which has 6 tartan lanes installed as well as 2 long jump pits, with a total length of 314m. The gym is also located in the same area.

The main stadium of Kalymnos has a field with artificial grass, lockers room, showers, WC, storage room, training equipment and 2.000 seats platform.

There also is an artificial grass football court in Vathi. Kalymnos has a small 5×5 private court with locker room and a coffee shop.

The indoor basketball court of Kalymnos municipal sports center has a rubber floor.

The swimming pool is located within the Municipal Sports Center facilities and is equipped with all the necessary preparation areas for all the water sports, such as water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming etc.:

  • An outdoor 8 lane, 50m long swimming pool, certified by FINA.
  • Locker rooms and a coffee shop

On the island, you can also find a tennis court.